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Planning Considerations


1. Enhanced Accessibility and Connectivity

The TM-CLKL under construction and the proposed TMWB will greatly enhance the accessibility and connectivity of Tuen Mun Areas 40 and 46. For example, the journey time between Tuen Mun and Hong Kong International Airport will be significantly reduced from about 30 minutes to about 10 minutes.

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2. Complementary with Other Adjacent Developments

Development of PDAs can be complementary to future developments serving different functions in wider areas, including Hung Shui Kiu New Development Area, Yuen Long South, Topside Development at HKBCF Island of HZMB and North Lantau.

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3. New Land to meet Imminent Demand

The land resources of the PDAs would help relieve pressure for imminent land demand, in particular there is a shortage of sites for modern logistics facilities.

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4. Create Job Opportunities

Leveraging the strategic location, the PDAs have potential for development of suitable industries to promote economic activities and create job opportunities for the Tuen Mun District and the Territory.

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5. Availability of Waterfront Flat Land

PDA-C is a piece of reclaimed waterfront flat land and the availability of sea frontage is particularly suitable to accommodate marine-related uses which require marine transport.

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1. Limited Road Capacity

Lung Mun Road is the major road serving the area and road improvement works are required to enhance its capacity. Most of the traffic to/from the area is via Wong Chu Road and Tuen Mun Road. The traffic condition of these two roads is reaching their capacities.

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2. Overhead Power Lines and Pylons

The existing overhead power lines (OHL) and pylons pose development constraints to the northern platforms of PDA-A and D, as well as PDA-B.

* Apart from the OHL and pylons, PDA-B is not recommended for development due to its steep terrain and the proposed TMWB tunnel underneath.

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3. Near to Restored Landfills

PDA-A and D are located near to the restored Pillar Point Valley Landfill and the restored Siu Lang Shui Landfill which limit the scope for future expansion of the PDAs.

4. Environmental Constraints

In planning the PDAs, due consideration should be given to the nearby industrial / logistics uses, TM-CLKL and its toll plaza in order to appropriately address the possible environmental and visual impacts associated with these developments.

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5. Nature Conservation

The Siu Lang Shui Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) is the largest known butterfly overwintering site in Hong Kong. In planning PDA-D, the habitats at the SSSI should not be adversely affected.

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6. Airport Height Restrictions

Future development of the PDAs is subject to airport height restrictions.

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7. Current Uses in PDA-C

Development at PDA-C may affect the current industrial uses / operation.

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