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To transform Tuen Mun Areas 40 and 46 into a major economic activity area in Northwest New Territories, capturing the geographical advantage, enhanced accessibility and opportunity of bridgehead economy brought by new road infrastructure and development projects.

Guiding Principles

Enhance Strategic Role of Tuen Mun West

  • To capitalize the geographical advantage and to promote economic activities in Tuen Mun Areas 40 and 46 in order to enhance the strategic role of Tuen Mun West.

Create Synergy with Surrounding Industrial Uses

  • To create synergy with existing and planned uses in the surrounding areas and support the continued growth of Hong Kong's existing core industries, new high-tech and high-value added industries, with a view to creating job opportunities and addressing the needs of the Tuen Mun District.

Avoiding Negative Traffic Impact

  • To propose appropriate development strategy for the PDAs, taking into consideration the traffic generation of existing and planned developments and the traffic capacity of the road network.
  • To ensure marine traffic safety by implementing appropriate measure for any proposed developments that would generate more marine traffic.

Respecting Environmental and Ecological Considerations

  • To propose uses which are less sensitive to the adverse environmental impacts caused by existing and planned uses / infrastructure in the area.
  • To preserve the existing habitats nearby and to minimize disturbance and negative impact to the surrounding sensitive environment, particularly the Siu Lang Shui SSSI.

Create a Sustainable Environment

  • To promote sustainable and low-carbon mode of development.




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